what is notorious

The Notorious brand is a nod to the cannabis advocates and cultural icons in the past and present that the mainstream may deem as “Notorious.” Those pillars of our community that fought for cannabis legalization, the pioneers of cannabis cultivation, and those that contributed to the culture that we hold dear to our hearts.


All Notorious plants are propagated from mother plants by our trusted team of cloning technicians. This allows us to maintain consistency in the genetic profile of our plants, which gives you confidence that you are always getting the effects you desire from the strains you love.

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Notorious utilizes a hydroponic system with a coco medium to provide water and nutrients to all of our plants. This allows the roots to fully absorb nutrients fed to it while also providing  more oxygen to the roots. Through this method we are able to get the exact ratio of nutrients to the plants that it needs at all of its various stages of life. This amount of control ensures the production of the highest quality product for you when it arrives in store.


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where to find NOTORIOUS

Check out the map to see where to find our products throughout Missouri.

Fresh Karma - Parkville

Shangri-La - Columbia South

Shangri-La Cannabis Super Store - Columbia

Shangri-La - Jefferson City

Sunrise - Clinton

Sunrise - Kansas City

Sunrise - Macon

Sunrise - Maryville

Proper - Kansas City

Proper - Bridgeton

Proper - Crestwood

Proper - South County

Proper - Warrenton

Swade - St. Peters

Swade - Ellisville

Swade - The Grove

Swade - Delmar

Swade - Cherokee

Fresh Karma - Midtown

Fresh Karma - St. Joe

Local Cannabis Company - KC

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